If you’re driving and the infamous check engine light comes on, it’s important to get the problem checked out right away. This special light illuminates whenever your vehicle records a trouble code, which could mean anything from a loose gas cap to a serious engine problem. Certain conditions must be met in order for a trouble code to be recorded, so it’s crucial to bring your car to JA Motors in Peachtree City, GA as soon as possible for a full diagnostics test. Our technicians can check all of the trouble codes using special tools and equipment in order to provide you with an accurate estimate for repair.

Auto Diagnostics Peachtree City GA

A trouble code is usually just the beginning when it comes to finding out what the problem is. This code will take our techs to another area of the vehicle based on the code’s reading. Then, we will perform a more thorough diagnosis based on the area where the code is recorded. We can accurately and timely test the vehicle based on the warning light, stored codes, and physical inspection. With a combination of these things, it’s easy to determine what is wrong and then take the right steps to fix it.

Get a Vehicle Diagnostics Scan

JA Motors can check your vehicle to determine exactly why the dashboard is lighting up. We’ll connect your vehicle to our special system to retrieve the codes that are causing the check engine light to turn on. Once we run the scan, we can provide you with a list of the codes that are stored in the car’s on-board computer system. These codes will give us better insight into what could be causing the light to come on. Then, we’ll recommend the proper repair services that will make the light turn off and get your vehicle running the way it should.

Any time your check engine light comes on, you should take it to a professional facility for a thorough diagnosis. This will allow the technicians to troubleshoot the issue and get things fixed as soon as possible so you can enjoy a safe, smooth ride. Don’t ignore that glowing light on your dashboard! As soon as it comes on, bring it into JA Motors for a full diagnostics test today.

Auto Diagnostics Near Me

From preventative maintenance to major repairs, come see the professional, friendly staff at JA Motors in Peachtree City, GA or give us a call today to schedule an appointment.


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